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03 04 2021

I am happy to share some exciting news with you!

I have received a proof copy of my newest poetry book  "The Elegant Enlightenment"! We finally made it! My recent poetry pieces were included in "The Elegant Enlightenment". These poems have been inspired  by amazing events happened in my home сountry.
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12 03 2021

Here is my new review of amazing album “Downpour”
by John Baumgardner.

17 01 2021

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The future is alredy in your room
Just see and realize it

Serge Kozlovsky
02 06 2020

I am proud to represent you my newest
book “From Everyday to Evermore”.

This book can not replace psychology, psychiatry or medicines that may be needed
to a full quality of life but the book “From Everyday to Evermore” will undoubtedly
help you to live your own unique life!
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